QPAD DX-20 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse 專業RGB變色自調控電競滑鼠
11 12 月, 2018
RamBo SO DIMM DDR4-2400 PC19200 8GB/16GB
12 12 月, 2018

【破低價+包郵】QPAD OM-75 專業電競滑鼠 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse White MICE 1600 CPI 純白鋼琴烤漆 五指型 握感舒適 [免費順豐]

$298.00 $109.00

★通過數以百萬計玩家證實值得信賴的專業遊戲級光學感應器,400 /1600 CPI 固定式調節
★原裝行貨 兩年保養


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QPAD OM-75 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse
Features the award winning 5-finger grip
For most gamers, it’s all about the feel, and this is where the QPAD OM-75 truly shines! QPAD OM-75 features the award winning 5-finger grip, a stylish white piano finish that is easy to keep clean and true CPI setting in the sensor (Not software/firmware interpolation). The reliable sensor technology, proven by millions of gamers, has undergone improvements for generations. QPAD OM-75 also features a micro control unit to optimize the tracking performance, pre-mounted Glidz on the feets for smoother and faster mouse movement, 7 buttons of which 5 are programmable for short cuts, keys and macro commands. You can move at a max speed of 1 meter per second without losing data performance.

The sensor pictures the surface with a shutter speed of 6469 frames per second covering an area of 30×30 pixels per frame. This generates an image processing of impressive 5.8 MB data per second. You will be able to adjust the USB polling rate between 125, 250, 500 and 1000 Hz depending on how much your computer port can accept without creating lag. The QPAD OM-75 is Plug & Play for easy installation, so no external drivers are needed. The QPAD OM-75 also contains on board memory that keeps your programmed settings, even when switching to another computer. In addition to all this, the left and right buttons are built to last an impressive 5 million clicks, and the QPAD OM-75 switch technology will provide you with a distinctive feedback, to make sure every click counts!