QPAD QH-90 Pro Gaming Premium Hi-Fi Headset White Closed 專業HI-FI電競耳機
11 12 月, 2018
QPAD DX-20 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse 專業RGB變色自調控電競滑鼠
11 12 月, 2018

【破低價+包郵】QPAD 5K Pro Gaming Laser Mouse 專業雷射電競滑鼠 五指貼合設計 皮革手感 [免費順豐]

$458.00 $189.00

★90-5040 CPI(Counts Per Inch)雷射感應器可任意調節,3段CPI等級快速切換
★原裝行貨 兩年保養


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QPAD®|5K™ Pro Gaming Laser Mouse


High end gaming grade laser sensor

QPAD ®|5K™ features a powerful navigation engine, adapted for high performance laser navigation. It has been specifically designed for high-end professional gamers, and enables extremely high-speed motion detection and high resolution to provide precise tracking capabilities which are required for many of today’s most popular gaming applications. QPAD®|5K™’s new laser sensor is ideal for gamers who require precise high-speed tracking on a variety of different surfaces.

“We have been planning to make a mouse for several years now. Until now the optical and laser technology hasn’t lived up to QPAD standards. With this mouse we are setting a new standard for gaming mice. Just as with our headset this is a product which fits right into the premium segment of the market. I really enjoy playing with the QPAD ®|5K™, it works with the extreme high speed movments that used to be a huge problem for laser mice. QPAD ®|5K™ delivers a micro precision never seen before, and our 5 finger ergonomic shape is fantastic. The design of the mouse is shaped to fit a 5 finger grip and by doing this we make sure that you have as little friction as possible.” – Says QPAD founder, Christer Körnbäck